Creating a mix template

By April 27, 2008Nuendo Tips And Tricks

(1) Create all the effects channels you think you might need. This is done by creating a new FX channel – ‘Project -> Add Track -> FX Channel – and then adding any processing you would normally use. For example, Small Room, Short Plate, Long Plate, Large Hall, 1/16 Delay, 1/8 Delay, 1/4 Delay, PingPong Delay, Chorus, Split Harmonizer etc.

(2) When you are satisfied that you have a good selection of effects then select all of your newly created FX channels and go to ‘File -> Export -> Selected Tracks’. Cubase / Nuendo will then prompt you to save an XML file as well as reference or copy the media on the tracks. In this instance we can choose ‘”Reference” as our session doesn’t contain any audio data on the FX channels.

(3) Now when either starting a new mix or loading an old mix you can use the option ‘File -> Import -> Track Archive’ and locate your previously saved XML file. Cubase / Nuendo will prompt you to select which tracks you want to import as well as allowing you to select all via a dedicated button.

Track archives have many other uses for example transferring selected tracks between sessions.

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